The Dumbest Things I Heard All Week

I don’t normally like to pass judgment about people… well, at least, not on an online blog… but every once in a while, someone says something so insanely stupid that it bears repeating. And since I was behind the bar twice as much as I normally am, the asinine comments couldn’t be shrugged off quite as easily as they usually are. They stuck around and clawed at my ear drums.

Runner-up for The Dumbest Thing I Heard All Week: “I don’t like British lagers like Guinness.”

If I have to explain that one, you’re hopeless, too. But at least that’s just ignorance about geography, culture, and the two most basic beer categories (lager vs. ale). This week’s winner either has no taste buds or doesn’t understand what words she should use to describe undesirable flavors.

Scene: A young woman who has been drinking at Tugboat arrives at Bailey’s with her friends, asks for a taste of the Roots Gruit Kolsch, sips it, and immediately scrunches up her face.

The Winner for the Dumbest Thing I Heard All Week says, “Ewww! This beer is too hoppy!”

A quick reminder, beer fans: the Gruit Kolsch has NO hops in it. None.

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  1. I think my favorite Bailey’s moment was when a couple of guys came in, were very confused over the menu for a few minutes. Finally after a few minutes of trying to figure out how much a ‘pint’ was, one of them gave up and said “I’ll just have a heineken”.

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