The One Minute Pour!

By Jove, I’ve done it! Good news for all you impatient Nitro fans out there, because nine of your precious minutes have been shaved off from delivering the Pike’s XXXXX Stout to you in all its creamy, coffee, chocolaty goodness. So how did we get that pesky CO2 keg to pour like it was Nitro without all the waiting? A little experimentation on my part last week shed some much needed light on the secret technique.

With an ordinary Nitro keg, pouring a beer on that tap is the easiest thing in the world. You just put the glass underneath it, flip the handle, let the glass fill up, and then flip the handle back. The beer will settle all on its own. But with a CO2 keg on the Nitro tap, you’ve got to know the all-powerful trick. Take notes, boys and girls, because there’s a test later.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Tilt the glass at the customary 45-55 degrees with the tap spigot so that it’s pressed against the inside of the glass as far up the glass as you can get it.

Step 2: Open the tap handle only about 30% of the way and the beer will start coming out VERY slowly. At first, it will look like all foam, but don’t panic! It will clear quickly and beer will start collecting at the bottom.

Step 3: Keep the pressure on the tap handle as consistent as possible and be patient! The glass will fill up slowly, but you’re saving an enormous amount of time and beer by adopting this technique.

Step 4: As the beer level finally begins to reach the spigot, begin to slowly tilt the glass back to vertical (so, from 55 degrees to 50, to 45, to 40, to 35, and so on). If you’ve done it right, the head will amount to about an inch-and-a-half at the top of the glass.

And that’s it! It takes a little practice and some patience, but the ability to have CO2 beers on our Nitro tap is well worth it, if you ask me. So, come on in and enjoy a Pike’s and be sure to let us know which beer you would love to see on Nitro next or in the future. The possibilities are just about endless now!

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