The Perfect Oatmeal Stout?

Geez! I’ve been off my game! Apologies, ladies and gents, but with The Mom in town last week, I didn’t get much time for the usual doses of boozing and blogging. I’m back in the saddle this week, though, and rarin’ to go on some exciting brews that we’ve got on tap and a few kegs that I’m particularly giddy about which are currently just chilling in the cooler, waiting for something/anything to blow.

Yesterday, I stopped in early at Bailey’s and caught up on the latest. Of the six beers I had, there was a clear standout. The Ninkasi Oatis Oatmeal Stout. For anyone who’s ever been mauled by a Tricerahops, got whipped by the Total Domination, or became a Believer, you know like I know that the brewers at Ninkasi must have sold their souls to gremlins to make beer this freakin’ delicious.

So when I stepped up to the Oatis, I had high expectations. And it met them. And then it took those expectations, unraveled their golden layers and revealed a heart of platinum inside. Which is to say that this beer isn’t just good; it may very well be The Perfect Oatmeal Stout.

Is that dramatic enough for you?

Here’s where I’m coming from: as you take your first sip, you’re immediately immersed in the chewiness factor, like an oatmeal and granola bar in liquid form. Then the coffee and chocolate emerge in big blasts, calming down just as the silky sweetness smoothes out the first half of your drinking experience and carries you through to the creamy end. For a beer with so much stout-y flavor, by which I mean bitter coffee and chocolate, rough oatmeal texture, and roasted burnt malts, it’s just amazing how smooth the ride is. It’s like getting on a rollercoaster and getting all the ups and downs, but never feeling anything adverse in your stomach or head.

I mean, I’ve had plenty of stouts that went down easier than an IPA or a barleywine, but most of them were watery and bland; this is a beer that has everything you want in a stout, but doesn’t rape and pillage your taste buds in the process. I think I’m in love.

God, I can only imagine what this thing would taste like on Nitro… Mmmmm…

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  1. What’s this “The Mom in town” excuse? “The Mom” took you out for some tasty brews, the Double Dead Guy Rogue being one of them. I’m only a neophyte beer drinker, had my first “real” beer from the Fort George brewery only a little over a week ago, but give me a little time and slack. I’m sure I’ll find my beer palate soon. I mean, it has to be in the DNA, right?

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