This Blogger Is For Lagers

This week at Bailey’s, we’ve got two fun events that we hope you’ll attend. As Geoff mentioned last week, there’s a Lompoc Lager Night this coming Wednesday, followed by a bottled beer tasting on Thursday. Today, we’re going to talk about the Lompoc Lager Night.

For anyone who missed the previous post, Lompoc brewers Jonathan Berry and Bryan Keilty will be joining us at Bailey’s to tap five specialty seasonal lager kegs that will showcase Lompoc’s best lagers of the current year. Here’s how the brewers describe their beers:

  • Heaven’s Helles (5% ABV)-  Bavarian-style pale lager
  • Saazall (5.5% ABV)-  Bohemian-style dry-hopped Pilsner or lager
  • Oktoberfest (5.0% ABV)-  Bavarian-style Maerzen or amber lager
  • OktoBock (6.7% ABV)-  Bavarian-style Bock or amber lager brewed with 5 lbs/bbl of fresh picked Crystal hops
  • Saazilla (7.6% ABV)-  Bohemian-style double Pilsner or pale lager brewed with over 2 lbs/bbl of Saaz hops

My hat’s off to Lompoc. If I have one complaint about the state of American microbrewing, it’s that we don’t see enough breweries taking the plunge into lagers. The result is that most microbrew fans remain skeptical about any and all versions, thinking that the difference between good beer and bad beer is the difference between an ale and a lager and that the latter all mostly taste like the swill Anheuser-Busch and Coors churn out. The truth is that there are a number of fantastic lager styles out there that just don’t get much exposure outside of Germany and the Czech Republic, but are just as good as any ale. Plus, if you’ve only been drinking ales, you’ve been missing out on a whole other half of delicious beer options.

What should make this night even more special is the presence of the Lompoc brewers, who will be stopping in to support the event. I sat down with both of these guys recently for an article I was writing about Nitro, and they were incredibly gracious with their time. If you get the chance, be sure to introduce yourself and ask them a thing or two about lagers.

Though these will be some pretty special, rare beers, we’re selling them at the normal price, in all the normal glass sizes. That means full 20 oz imperial pints and 10 oz glasses, plus your best bargain: the $7 taster tray. With the tray, you get to try all five of these back-to-back to taste the differences between the various styles and decide which is your favorite.

So, on Wednesday, come on in and resolve to hold off on the stouts and the IPAs and ambers for a night and give these Lompoc lagers a chance. You’ll have taken your first step into a much “lager” world.

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