Time for an Anderson Valley Summer Solstice!

The weather today is glow-ree-us! And when the sun’s out and the sky’s blue and you’re not wearing a big coat like a suit of armor against the cold and the rain and the oppressive melancholia of the winter months, it’s probably time to stop into Bailey’s for a pint of the Anderson Valley Summer Solstice. It’s sweet, delicious and oh-so-refreshing… and it tastes EXACTLY like cream soda. Just be careful with this one; you may get so wrapped up in reminiscing childhood summers of days long past, you’ll forget you’re quaffing beer instead of soda pop. Compared to some of the other cream ales we’ve had on tap, the Summer Solstice is darker in color and far richer in vanilla flavors. I’m ready to call it the best cream ale I’ve ever had. Are you?

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  1. It’s definitely the most interesting cream ale in that it really tastes like cream soda.

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