Ton of Fun

I finally got around to catching up with some of the new beers at Bailey’s last night with the ever-handy taster tray, and although I fully enjoyed four of the five beers, there was one standout that surprised me: the Lucky Lab Five Ton. If you haven’t gotten around to snagging a snifter of this yet, do yourself a favor the next time you come in. Described as a whiskey barrel aged strong ale, I was a little dubious; and Lucky Lab tends to be very hit-or-miss for me, too. But the Five Ton is a remarkably smooth, easy-drinking beer despite its boozy, sweet, roasted flavors. Somehow, it manages to juggle a lot of tastes back and forth over the tongue, giving you a remarkably subtle drinking experience for a beer that I’m sure is at least 8% ABV. I’m definitely impressed. I was expecting something sharp and abrasive, but this was a smooth surprise.

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  1. I whole-heartedly agree. I was very curious, but skeptical, as my history with Lucky Lab has also been hit-or-miss. However, it was impossible for me to resist the allure of the magic words, “Whiskey Barrel Aged”. By the time I hit the bottom of the snifter, I was surprisingly and delightedly ready for more. One of the easiest-to-drink strong ales I’ve had, and among the tastiest as well.

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