UKfest: A Nod to Our Crafty Forefathers

Baerlic Brewing next up for the Westside beer bar’s Hausbier series

Bailey's Taproom 10 YearJoin us Saturday, February 18th as we continue celebrating our 10th Anniversary Year with UKfest and debut the next beer in our Hausbier series, All Gold Everything. We teamed up with the fine folks at Baerlic Brewing to whip up our take on a British Golden Ale. Also know as an English Summer Ale, this light-drinking session ale will debut on firkin, live most of its life on a regular CO2 tap, then we’ll tap the final bit on a cask inoculated with wild yeast to replicate the Stock Ale of England’s pub past.

America has become the epicenter of craft beer culture. We push the envelope with styles and blur the lines of tradition to create beer that’s as exciting as it is delicious. But with the popularity of so many extreme flavors (hops galore, sours, adjunct-heavy dark beer) we’re beginning to see a backlash. We’ve been focused on the exotic for so long that we’ve forgotten our roots.

Before there was a craft beer bar in every neighborhood, beer fanatics frequented English-style pubs for an alternative to the yellow, fizzy stuff. Simple, malt-driven styles, great for long sessions of imbibing were the preferred pint fillers. As hops grew to steal the beer spotlight in the States, the word “malty” became beer geek kryptonite. The irony is that those pale & bitter ales from across the pond are at the foundation of our American beer revolution. This house was built on English yeast, noble hops, & Marris Otter malt and it’s time to revisit just what inspired those early American craft brewers to borrow from the Old Country. With German & Belgian styles getting a lot of love the past 10 years in American craft, exploring the styles from the United Kingdom in-depth seems like the final frontier in our palate-wrecked environment.

Thus we bring you UKfest; A nod to our crafty forefathers where Irish, Scottish, & English styles get a day of appreciation. Bailey’s Taproom has curated a draft list of American interpretations which blend traditionalism with twists on the classics for a mix that plays to a wide range of tastes. Cheers!

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All Gold Everything Details

UKfest Draft List:
CiderRiot! – Plastic Paddy
Liberty – Stonewall
Baerlic/Bailey’s – All Gold Everything (Hausbier 2)
Magnolia – Aliciella
Heretic – Bitter Truth
Breakside – Bergamot Special Bitter
Hop Valley – Mild at Heart
Double Mountain – Nitro Black Irish
StormBreaker – Oatmeal Stout
Machine House – Burton-style IPA
Stone – Emperial IIPA
Fat Head’s – ESB
Cascade Lakes – Painted Racer
Ancestry – Cafe Brown
Kells – Irish Red
The Commons – Dark Mild
Falling Sky – Coffee Dark Mild
Ex Novo – Scotch Ale with Heather
Gigantic – Mons Meg
Goodlife – Scotch on Scotch
Culmination – Trumpet Major
Against the Grain – Buffalohead
Firestone Walker – Bravo
Montavilla – 2015 Old Fellowship
Pelican – Mother of all Storms