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Confession time, folks. I’m not the biggest sports fan. I can get moderately excited about the World Series or the Super Bowl, but I’m no fanatic. At the end of the day, I probably won’t be too upset if the team I’m rooting for loses (unless it’s to the Yankees or the Cowboys, those bastards). Disappointed, maybe. But really, it just doesn’t matter that much to me.

You see, I save my fanaticism for other things. Beer, movies, music, and occasionally… politics. While Geoff has done his best to keep that subject out of his bar (and I’ve done my best to follow suit), there are some things you just can’t ignore. And tonight’s election is one of them.

For me, it’s ten times more exciting than any sporting event. I mean, the result will shape the future of our country for at least the next four years, but possibly (and probably) longer. So, we’re going to be keeping up with the election at Bailey’s as unobtrusively as possible for those scant few who just don’t care what happens. There will be no giant flat screen televisions, no election paraphernalia streaming from the rafters, no cover charge or champagne toasts or local politicians dropping in to spout acceptance or concession speeches.

In other words, it will be the same ol’ Bailey’s that you’ve come to expect, except that we’ll have a laptop set up to stream live coverage of the election results. And unlike most of those other places hosting election parties, we’ve got great beer to keep you company. After all, what’s better than celebrating your candidate’s victory with a patriotic pint of Rogue Independence Ale or finding solace in a stout as dark as your crushed heart should things go amiss?

We’ll even make a special offer to you: One free beer for every state Ralph Nader wins!*

*Disclaimer: Bailey’s is in no way endorsing Ralph Nader, and if Oregon ends up going for Nader because you cheapskates just wanted the free beer, we’re blaming you for the coming apocalypse.

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  1. Thank God that Oregon votes early and that this offer comes too late to influence the final electoral college tally.

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